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Mattermost 3.9: New Integrations Directory, Spell Checker, Polish Support

Welcome to our May release announcement. There’s lots to report but the big story this month is our publication of a comprehensive Integrations Directory. This will make it much easier for systems admins [...]

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Mattermost 3.8.2 released

We are releasing Mattermost version 3.8.2 for Team Edition (TE) and Enterprise Edition (EE). This version resolves the following bugs in the Mattermost 3.8 release: Fixed WebSocket connection issues with Mattermost 3.8 upgrade, by [...]

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Mattermost 3.8: Deploy with next generation iOS and Android Apps in Beta – Now Faster than Ever

Welcome to our April release announcement. Yes, April. We are moving back to regular monthly releases in response to feedback from users and system admins. Weighing up the pros and cons, we have come [...]

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Mattermost moves to monthly releases

Mattermost Team Edition and Mattermost Enterprise Edition now ship new releases every month. We last shipped March 16, 2017, we’ll next ship April 16, 2017, and we plan to continue shipping Mattermost every month [...]

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A Native Mobile Experience – Second Generation Mobile Apps Released in Beta

We’re excited to announce the beta version of our new Mattermost React Native apps. Here’s the background to this development: We shipped our first generation mobile apps a little over a year ago. At [...]

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