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Galois releases Matterhorn, an open source Terminal Client for Mattermost

Jonathan Daugherty is a staff engineer at Galois, Inc. ( where he works on a variety of projects in Haskell and C and leads the Matterhorn project. I'm pleased to announce the release of Matterhorn, a [...]

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Mattermost 4.0: New look, new mobile apps, new API and Italian language support

Ciao a tutti! The leading open-source alternative to Slack, Yammer and Microsoft Teams just got an upgrade. Mattermost 4.0 now has: An all new look - New colors, icons and [...]

By | July 16th, 2017|Categories: Blog, Releases|1 Comment

Mattermost 2nd-gen mobile apps released, EMM compatible starting with BlackBerry Dynamics

New 2nd-generation Mattermost mobile apps are officially released, offering greater speed, efficiency and reliability, plus compatibility plans for all major EMM solutions starting with BlackBerry Dynamics on iOS and expanding [...]

By | July 11th, 2017|Categories: Blog, Releases|4 Comments

Sourced Group offers Mattermost-as-a-Service for enterprises

My name is Warren and I work as an Application Delivery Consultant for Sourced Group. At Sourced Group, I work with teams among our Enterprise client base to help them modernize and migrate their [...]

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Mattermost 3.10: New terminal client and Turkish language support

Great news for people who use terminal-based clients for chatting, such as irssi, weechat, finch, and glirc, but are looking for more advanced messaging features and a richer experience. [...]

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