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Enhance Security

Leading enterprises use Mattermost for secure messaging.

Mattermost enables organizations to achieve unparalleled security.

Empower IT.

Take control of your most valuable communications with enterprise-grade security, permissions, and compliance systems that scale to the entire organization.

Ensure regulatory

Maintain full compliance with regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, PCI and Dodd-Frank. Create your own data retention policies to minimize storage and e-discovery costs.

Protect your

Store your company’s trade secrets, intellectual property and confidential conversations behind your own firewall in a single-tenant private cloud. Keep your data secure at all times.

Reduce attack surface.

Eliminate shadow IT by standardizing on a secure private cloud messaging platform. Build secure integrations that don’t require you to poke holes in your data center’s firewall.

Control access.

Ensure that only authorized individuals have access to your data and apps. Let your teams work openly and transparently in a secure and trusted environment.

Prevent data leakage.

Keep your confidential data secure by preventing employees from inadvertently leaking data to unauthorized individuals via public links or file attachments. Ensure your trade secrets remain private.

Eliminate siloed departments.

Unlock your organization’s true potential by connecting every employee. Empower teams in different departments to work toward common goals at a fast pace while staying on the same page.

Mattermost is a modern, enterprise-grade workplace messaging solution that enables today’s leading organizations to move faster and make better decisions.

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