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Increase Collaboration

Leading enterprises use Mattermost to streamline collaboration.

Mattermost makes it easier to work together:

Connect remote employees.

Connect remote employees and empower them to stay connected with the entire team via a messaging platform that’s accessible from any device.

Organize your conversations.

Create dedicated channels for each team and project, as well as channels to discuss meetups, dinner plans and special interests. Tracking down information has never been easier.

Facilitate communication across teams.

Connect everyone in your organization. Encourage people on different teams to share ideas and work collaboratively to solve problems.

Improve engagement.

Increase employee engagement with modern technologies that are designed to make jobs more efficient. A persistent team chat environment makes it easier for everyone to participate.

Give everyone a voice.

Enable everyone on your team to share their opinions and offer insights—introverts and extroverts alike. Employees can easily convey ideas so the best ones never go unheard.

Foster innovation.

Equip your team with the tools that enable them to learn from each other and build off of one another’s ideas. Develop the foundation that allows them to do first-rate work together.

Leverage every employee.

Invest in your employees. Tap into everyone’s strengths and empower them to easily build and leverage connections—beyond their immediate teams.

Mattermost is a modern, enterprise-grade workplace messaging solution that enables today’s leading organizations to move faster and make better decisions.

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