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Enterprise Edition Support

Common Mattermost questions can be solved with a web search finding answers from Mattermost documentation or discussions on the product forum, GitHub, StackOverflow, Qiita or other technical community sites around the world.

Additional commercial support for Enterprise Edition is described on this page.

Support Levels

Commercial support is available for Mattermost Enterprise Edition deployments that meet the software and hardware requirements listed in product documentation.

What support includes

  • Communication with IT administrators deploying and managing Mattermost
  • Assistance with issues during installation
  • Assistance with issues during upgrades
  • Guidance around implementation and configuration
  • Assistance identifying and troubleshooting problems in systems
  • Identifying and creating appropriate bug reports

What support does not include

  • Support in languages other than English
  • Support for end users
  • Support for organizations without a valid Enterprise Edition subscription
  • Development questions or requests
    • Please send developer questions to the Mattermost forum.
    • If a Mattermost API is suspected as the root cause of an issue, sample code able to replicate the issue must be provided.
  • Third party integrations, installers, images and plug-ins
  • Remote administration
  • Professional services including:
    • Product training
    • System performance and tuning
    • Deployment and capacity planning
    • Installation and upgrade services
  • Support for Mattermost server releases other than the latest official release or the previous major build release.

Standard support versus Premier support features

The table below describes support features of E10, E20, and Premier Support. For additional details on Premier Support not described below, please mail

Feature E10 Support E20 Support Premier Support
Self-help resources Yes Yes Yes
Online Ticket Creation Yes Yes Yes
Business Day Coverage* Yes Yes Yes
Email support Yes Yes
Weekday Coverage 24×5 Yes Yes
Mission Critical Response L1 – 60 minutes, L2 – 120 minutes Yes
Weekend coverage** Yes
Direct access to senior support team Yes
Development team priority Yes
Screen-sharing, collaboration phone calls, and health checks Yes
Installation and deployment advisory Yes
Account on-boarding Yes
Potential to influence product roadmap and prioritization decisions Yes


*Business day coverage is from Monday 9am to Friday 5pm US Pacific time zone (UTC-8 & UTC-7 DST) on non-US holidays.
**Weekend coverage is available for L1 and L2 issue escalations and begins Fridays at 5pm and ends Mondays at 9am US Pacific time zone (UTC-8 & UTC-7 DST).

Premier Support key benefits & details

  • Mission Critical Response L1 – 60 minutes, L2 – 120 minutes – Critical and major issues impacting production environments receive top priority from the Mattermost support team.
  • Weekend coverage – Premier Support customers receive weekend support for L1 and L2 escalations.
  • Direct access to senior support team – Premier Support tickets are responded to by senior support engineers with advanced technical and soft skills to help customers with complex environments and mission critical needs.
  • Development team priority – Priority is given to issues from Premier Support customers escalated to the development organization for assistance or fixes.
  • Screen-sharing, collaboration phone calls, and health checks – Premier Support customers can reduce time to resolution by working with the Mattermost support team over phone or audio conference and screen-sharing sessions to isolate, identify and troubleshoot critical issues.
  • Installation and deployment advisory – We’ll support your team in properly installing and piloting your deployment.
  • Account on-boarding – Our team works with you during a series of on-boarding discussions to ensure we have your detailed environment information available about your deployment before your first ticket is filed, reducing overall resolution times, questions, and delays for each follow-on issue.
  • Potential to influence product roadmap and prioritization decisions – With privileged access to senior support staff and members of the Mattermost product team, the Mattermost product roadmap is often influenced by Premier Support customers.
  • Licensing – Premier Support includes licensing for up to 4 standalone non-production environments.

Premier Support eligibility

The following requirements are necessary to receive Premier Support:

  1. Named contacts – Premier Support requests must be filed by one of three named contacts in your organization. Named contacts must have an email address with your company domain and must be individuals, and cannot use shared or group email addresses sent or received by more than one physical person.
  2. Current Premier Support subscription – Customers must have a valid Premier Support subscription through the support process.
  3. Provide information and logs in a timely manner – To quickly deliver root cause analysis and overall resolution the Mattermost support team requires information and logs requests from the customer delivered in a timely, consistent and well-structured manner. Information may include, but would not be limited to files, logs, dumps, and redacted configuration and database information.

Support response Service Level Agreements:

While Mattermost attempts to respond to all issues in a timely manner, issues that hurt our customers’ production applications (i.e. Level 1, Level 2) take priority.  “Production” is defined as an instance of Mattermost software actively used by the customer’s business users, it does not include testing systems or production staging systems or environments.
  • Level 1 – Critical Business Impact – Critical issue on production system preventing business operations. A large number of users are prevented from working, and no procedural workaround is available.
    • Characteristics:
      • System hangs or crashes, critical functionality not available, data loss or data corruption, large number of end users blocked from work. Impact escalating quickly.
    • Response time:
      • Premier Support: 1 hour.
      • E20 Support: 4 hours.
  • Level 2 – Major Business Impact – Major issue on production system severely impacting business operations.
    • Characteristics:
      • Significant performance degradation, important functionality not available, small number of users blocked from work, impact is escalating
    • Response time:
      • Premier Support: 2 hours.
      • E20: 8 hours.
  • Level 3 – Moderate Business Impact – Moderate issue causing a partial or non-critical loss of functionality on production system. A small number of users are affected.
    • Characteristics:
      • Some system functions not available, minor performance degradation, small number of users impacted, impact is not escalating
    • Response time:
      • Premier Support: 8 hours.
      • E20: 16 hours.
  • Level 4 – Minor Business Impact – Minor issue on non-production system or question, comment, feature request, documentation issue or other non-impacting issue.
    • Characteristics:
      • Incorrect product behavior without impact, or product question or enhancement
    • Response time:
      • Premier Support: 24 hours.
      • E20: Next business day.
This page is referenced by the Mattermost Enterprise Edition Terms of Service agreement and in the Mattermost Hosted Push Notifications Service Terms of Service agreement.