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Mattermost versus Slack for Enterprise

Mattermost offers an enterprise-grade, private cloud alternative to Slack’s SaaS-only workplace messaging service.

While both products offer agility, efficiency, and innovation benefits, Mattermost’s open source, self-hosted approach uniquely provides the control, privacy, legal compliance, extensibility, and scalability required by top enterprises.

Mattermost and Slack both increase productivity via workplace messaging

Both solutions bring all your team’s communication to one place, with messaging across web, mobile, and PC, with continuous archiving, instant search, and a wide array of options to your existing tools and workflows. These tools enable all your teams to:

  • Do more in less time, with less email using searchable, topic-based messaging
  • Solve problems faster with “war rooms” that assemble the right people and information
  • Collaborate anywhere with cross-device access to vital communications
  • Accelerate new hire on-boarding with easy sharing of past team discussions

For technologists, modern messaging enables additional high performance workflows: DevOps, ChatOps, Conversational Development, and Social Coding among other use cases that improve software quality while reducing delivery time.

These innovative approaches have exploded across startups and small and medium businesses, but enterprises have a different set of needs, for which Mattermost was designed.

Only Mattermost offers the control, privacy, legal compliance, extensibility, and scalability top enterprises need

In contrast to Slack and other proprietary SaaS services, Mattermost’s offers an open source, private cloud platform where enterprises have complete control of their vital communications, in particular:

  • Control: Mattermost offers modern communication behind your firewall. Run your vital communications under your existing security and IT policies. Deploy to public, private or hybrid clouds with full access to source code and total control of your single-tenant system.
  • Privacy: Your IP address, your usage patterns, the contents of your messages–SaaS services know more about your company than you do. In contrast, Mattermost provides the benefits of modern communication without sacrificing privacy.
  • Legal Compliance: Consumer data protection laws, data regulations, GDPR, even non-disclosure agreements are complex and ever-changing, with heavy penalties for breach. Self-hosting your communications simplifies compliance and reduces risk.
  • Extensibility: Mattermost offers enterprise-grade customization with complete access to source code, UI text files, APIs, drivers, and a wide array of open source integrations and samples. Whether it’s branding the login page or whitelabeling the mobile apps, the enterprise is in total control.
  • Scalability: Mattermost was built ground-up for enterprise with a single-tenant private cloud architecture offering high availability and horizontal scaling. Tens of thousands of users can operate out of a single team and hundreds of teams can be deployed in an enterprise.

To learn more, contact our customer team.

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