Mattermost 0.5.0 released

Mattermost 0.5.0 released

Mattermost 0.5.0 is a development “preview” release for sharing a first look at the Mattermost project outside the initial development team. This release is not recommended for production deployment and backwards compatibility of future versions and API stability is not guaranteed.

That said, multiple teams monitored by the Mattermost developers use the preview version for their core activities daily.

Release Candidates and Production Version 
Supported Operating Systems and Browsers:
  • PC: Windows 7, Windows 8 (Chrome 43, Firefox 38, Internet Explorer 11)
  • Mac: OS 10 (Safari 7, Chrome 43)
  • Linux: Arch 4.0.0  (Chrome 43)
  • iPhone 4s and higher (Safari on iOS 8.3, Chrome 43)
  • Android 5 and higher (Chrome 43)
Try out the release:

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  • Mattermost 0.5.0 released

  • Lars Løvlie

    This is really cool and a breeze to install. Unfortunately it’s
    difficult to find information about how to create a new user, group or
    whatever it is called in mattermost! I’m hitting a wall at the login
    screen at localhost:8065…

  • Ian

    Hi Lars,

    Glad to hear you got Mattermost installed easily!

    Going to localhost:8065 should bring you to the team sign up page where you should have the option to create a team by inputting a company name and an email address. If that’s not the screen you are on and you are on the login screen then there should be a “Sign up now” link that will bring you to the aforementioned team sign up page.

    If that doesn’t help, please join us in (one click to join with GitHub account) and share a screenshot and we can continue from there?

    Project went public only a couple days ago, hope to improve install instructions soon,