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Purchase Mattermost E10 via Quotation and Invoice

You can purchase Mattermost Enterprise Edition via bank transfer by requesting a quotation/invoice, with purchase instructions.

Once purchase is complete, a license key and receipt is sent via email.

About this product

Mattermost E10: Enterprise Essentials is the most popular version of Mattermost for Enterprises, offering:

  • Active Directory / LDAP single-sign-on
  • Encrypted push notifications via HPNS
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Tools for custom branding
  • Advanced access control policy
  • Next business day support via online ticketing system
  • Scale to handle thousands of users

Mattermost E20: Advanced Enterprise Edition scales to tens of thousands of usersIt offers the following advanced features in addition to E10:

  • Advanced SAML 2.0 authentication with Okta and Active Directory Federation Services
  • Compliance exports of message histories with oversight protection
  • High availability support with multi-node database deployment
  • Horizontal scaling through cluster-based deployment
  • Advanced performance monitoring
  • Eligibility for Premier Support add-on

For enterprise deployments over 3,000 users, or those requiring compliance reporting standards for healthcare or financial services, please contact us.