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Frequently Asked Questions about Licensing

60 days prior to expiry, System Administrators receive notifications that the Enterprise Edition license key will expire on the anniversary of its purchase. After expiry, there is a 15 day grace period to upload a new license key. After the grace period users will see a blue bar in the user interface indicating the license has expired and certain settings will no longer be able to be changed until an unexpired key is installed.

At any time, Enterprise Edition can be downgraded to the free Team Edition without data loss by switching off any Enterprise features enabled and then removing the license key.

For the purpose of billing a “user” is any account created in Mattermost Enterprise Edition that has not be deactivated by the System Administrator.

You can see your user count for billing purposes from the System Console on the View Statistics page under “Total Users” in Enterprise Edition.

Upon enrollment in a Mattermost Enterprise Edition subscription you’ll receive a license key file that is unique for your organization. Once uploaded onto your server, Enterprise Edition features will be enabled. The license key expires on the anniversary of your purchase.
Mattermost follows a True-Up model so you can grow now and pay later. You can add more users to the server than what you are licensed for at any time. For users that are added during the year you pay the initial price of the annual subscription when you renew.

Example: Supposed you started with 500 users. You would purchase a license for 500 users. If your deployment grew to 600 users by the time of your annual renewal, you would have 100 users in excess of your original purchase. You would pay the initial cost for those 100 users to “True up”, then pay the renewal cost for 600 users for the next year.

Yes, for academic institutions we offer Mattermost Enterprise Edition E10 for no charge to students, and staff members pay regular price. You need to pay for at least 10 staff members in order to qualify for an academic license. Please see Mattermost Academic Licensing for more information.
Mattermost Enterprise Edition can be used for free without a license key as commercial software functionally equivalent to the open source Mattermost Team Edition licensed under MIT.

When a license key is purchased and applied to Mattermost Enterprise Edition, additional enterprise features unlock.

The license agreement for Mattermost Enterprise Edition is included in the software and also available at:

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