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Increase Mobile Productivity

Get more done in less time from anywhere. Securely share messages, files, videos and voice recordings from mobile devices while keeping data on-premises.

More done in less time

Stop wasting time opening, closing and categorizing emails. Use topic-based messaging to start your day with what matters most. Set up alerts on mentions of your name and chosen keywords to prioritize what’s important.

Share and Search Anywhere

Share and messages, files, images, video and voice recordings from any iOS or Android mobile device, or from Windows, Mac or Linux desktops. Search messages across your enterprise, not just what’s in your inbox.

History and Context

When you share conversations in Mattermost, they come embedded in surrounding conversations. Users see the people involved in every topic, their views, and the evolution of each discussions. That knowledge lets them make a bigger impact in less time.

Self-Hosted Safety Net

When users over-share, keep small mistakes from becoming huge problems. Reduce the risk of passwords, patient data, and critical confidential information being shared over email. Keep that data secure, encrypted, and on your infrastructure.

Simple, Secure Access

Offer simple sign-on with Active Directory, LDAP and other authentication options to simplify cross-team conversations from behind your mobile VPN. Detect compromised accounts and lost devices and revoke sessions to disable unauthorized access.

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