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Mattermost versus HipChat

Enterprises choose Mattermost over HipChat to speed their transformation from traditional to digital, with a more modern, transparent, and extensible communication experience

Mattermost is deployed by thousands of companies as an open source, private cloud alternative to HipChat.  Here are some of the top reasons we hear from teams making the switch:

Why teams leave HipChat:

Why thousands of companies choose Mattermost:

  • Jira-friendly – Mattermost is one of the world’s largest open source projects running on a public Jira instance. Teams using Jira know that the staff community developing Mattermost shares their priorities and workflows.
  • Modern communication – Threading, markdown, hashtags, custom emoji, emoji reactions, and a continual stream of improvements driven from thousands of companies using Mattermost.
  • Transparency – Mattermost offers extensive and detailed documentation on product features and security. This includes active forums, an open Jira instance tracking the development of new features, an open feature proposal forum with upvoting and discussion, and an open Mattermost community server running pre-released builds of the product, so the community can always see what’s coming next. 
  • Extensibility – Broad system configuration, compliance, and white-labeling options. Vendor-agnostic integrations for bots, alerts, Slack-compatible integrations, and 3rd party clients. Extensible APIs, language specific drivers, and a vibrant tools community built around one of the world’s largest open source projects. Full source code for server, mobile apps and desktop apps allows for advanced customization, EMM support, and integration with customer monitoring and compliance tools.
  • Velocity – Mattermost consistently releases new minor versions every month on the 16th with new improvements and bug fixes from over 500 open source contributors to date. Active discussion with users from thousands of companies deploying Mattermost ensures that investment and improvement continue to accelerate.  See the Mattermost changelog to see what’s new each month.
  • Verified security and scale – Access to open source code by customer and user community, along with open source scale simulators verify the security and scale of the system managing your organization’s most vital information.
  • No lock-in – Should you discontinue your commercial subscription to Mattermost Enterprise Edition your deployment continues to work, at no cost, with the same features are the open source version of Mattermost. For proprietary solutions, ending a subscription ends all ability to use the software.
  • Multi-language interface – Mattermost supports the needs of global enterprises by offering over a dozen language translations.

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