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Mattermost for Financial Services

The enterprise messaging workspace for regulated financial institutions

Mattermost is the enterprise messaging workspace that empowers financial service organizations to modernize workflows and accelerate innovation while ensuring regulatory compliance and maintaining security.

Historically, financial services professionals have had to watch from a distance as their peers in other industries adopted new tools and technologies designed to increase productivity and make their jobs easier. Financial firms, after all, need to comply with constantly evolving rules around security, privacy and ethical standards while also adhering to regional, national and international regulations.

Thanks to Mattermost, the most flexible messaging solution on the market, financial institutions can now equip their users with a modern communication platform while ensuring they remain compliant with the ever-changing legal regulations and internal policies they need to operate under.

Use Cases

Mattermost is a powerful and extensible messaging platform that provides several benefits to financial services firms, including:

  • Enterprise-wide messaging. Reduce data leakage and increase productivity with user-friendly multi-platform messaging that is secure, centralized and compliant.
  • Accelerated development. Increase agility, efficiency and innovation in operational and development teams with secure communications and workflows closely tied to tooling and infrastructure.
  • Escalation and rapid response. Improve incident response through multi-platform alerts and bots that automatically assemble rapid resolution teams.  

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Thousands of regulated organizations around the world use Mattermost to increase their agility, efficiency and innovation through the platform’s industry-leading capabilities including:

  • Extensive, built-in access control. Keep data properly secured and easily accessible by defining granular controls to create, read, update and archive data and elements.
  • Encryption-at-rest and encryption-in-transit. Ensure your data is safe with encryption under your control, at rest and in transit.
  • Deployment on any cloud. Leverage your existing compliance and security infrastructure by deploying to private, public or hybrid clouds, and even on-premises in data centers.
  • Database ownership. Maintain complete control over your company’s sensitive messaging data.
  • Enterprise Information Archiving integration. Meet evolving regulatory needs by connecting to EIA systems (e.g., Global Relay and Actiance).
  • Advanced mobile security. Unlock the power of a truly mobile workforce by using mobile apps that work with all leading EMM solutions (e.g., MobileIron, AirWatch, Good/Blackberry) and can deploy securely to your own Enterprise App Store.
  • Compliance auditing with oversight. Enable oversight and enforce responsible use by pulling compliance reports on user conversations and behaviors by request, with audit logging capabilities.
  • Full access to APIs, drivers and open source code. Guarantee compliance and meet even the most sophisticated security requirements by leveraging the industry’s most flexible messaging platform.

To learn more about how Mattermost can help your financial services company, contact our customer success team.

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