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Mattermost for Enterprise DevOps

Secure, flexible digital workplace solutions

Mattermost empowers technology organizations to adapt and thrive in a fast-changing, security-conscious world. We offer DevOps teams the industry’s most secure and flexible digital workplace across web, PC and phones.

Customers deploying Mattermost dramatically increase their agility, efficiency and innovation by bringing all team communication into one place, connecting to any system on any cloud with any user.

Our private and hybrid cloud solutions deploy under your existing security and compliance infrastructure, atop a vibrant open source platform. We provide two core offerings:

Mattermost Team Edition (open source solution)

  • Secure, extensible workplace messaging across web, PC and phones within private networks and externally with VPN and EMM integration.
  • Modern 1-1 and group messaging, file sharing, continuous archiving, unlimited integrations, unlimited search and support for 14 languages.
  • Runs as a single Linux binary under MIT license with MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Mattermost Enterprise Edition (commercial solution)

  • Extends Team Edition into a secure, scalable, highly configurable digital workplace for large organizations.
  • Enterprise-grade corporate directory integration, high-availability clusters, advanced access controls and compliance reporting.
  • Commercial support, SLAs and ongoing enterprise enhancements.

Mattermost is embraced by leading organizations in financial services, government, manufacturing, research, utilities, online services, and many other industries. From piloting spacecraft and ensuring national security to building electric cars and advancing vital infrastructure, enterprises use Mattermost daily to change the world.

To learn why thousands of companies are adopting Mattermost, contact our customer team.

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We aim to reduce our time to repair through tooling by improving our monitoring with Prometheus and introducing ChatOps with Mattermost.
ING Netherlands DevOps Engineer

After months of testing and vendor vetting, we zeroed in on Mattermost. It exceeded our minimum performance expectations and aligned nicely with Uber’s existing tech stack.
Uber Engineering Team

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Learn why high-performance DevOps teams are embracing Mattermost as a digital workplace that endlessly adapts to their ever-changing needs.


Scaling collaboration among tens of thousands of concurrent users across web, PC and phones.


Remote teams keep sensitive client communication private at a government contractor.


Accelerating digital transformation through modern communication.

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