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Mattermost brings the benefits of Jira and the Atlassian suite into an open source, self-hosted Slack-like experience

Mattermost empowers developers, project managers and content producers to create transformative products and services in a secure and flexible digital workplace that integrates with Jira and Atlassian’s core products.

As an open source, private cloud Slack-alternative, Mattermost brings all team communication into one place, accessible from web, PC and mobile with archiving, search and secure integrations. Connect with any system, on any cloud, for any user—whether they’re in a data center or an airport—with support for all leading EMM solutions, private cloud mobile push notifications and a wide array of authentication options.

The solution is “Slack-compatible, not Slack-limited,” offering Slack-compatible webhooks and commands, keyboard shortcuts and even theme colors in addition to enterprise-grade extensibility, including general purpose inbound and outbound webhooks, slash commands, bot accounts, Zapier integration to over 1,000 online applications, extensive plugin and white-labeling capabilities and full API access with language-specific drivers. Mattermost is a scalable platform that can accommodate tens of thousands of users on a single team.

Read more about how Mattermost customers are working with Atlassian products today:

Why Mattermost?

Mattermost supports limitless customization with Atlassian integrations including:

  • Jira. Stream your choice of Jira events to different Mattermost channels using built-in Jira support or a host of third-party options for advanced configuration.
  • Bitbucket. Empower DevOps teams to stay up-to-date with the latest code changes by pushing updates from Bitbucket to Mattermost through webhook integration.
  • Trello. Send Trello notifications directly into Mattermost channels to streamline web-based collaboration and project management with a simple integration.
  • Statuspage. Build advanced automated workflows to keep employees and customers informed of status changes and downtime updates using triggers and actions.
  • Stride. Create interactive cross-team workflows between Mattermost and Stride, Atlassian’s SaaS-based communicator, using two-way triggers.
  • HipChat. Collaborate effectively across cross-organizational teams by connecting HipChat and Mattermost using Matterbridge.  
  • Confluence. Integrate Mattermost and Confluence to support content collaboration across teams with Zapier.

Above: Example of Jira webhook integration streaming bugs from a specific project into a Mattermost channel using a JQL query.

Download a free trial of Mattermost Enterprise Edition to see all the features, or try out the open source Mattermost Team Edition under MIT license if you’re a small team.

Want to learn more? Contact our customer team.

Mattermost has already absorbed the majority of our existing Slack users. The system sold itself without any kind of marketing or additional efforts from our end. Based on our usage statistics, I’m happy with the solution. The main metric is employee satisfaction and that’s definitely improved since we introduced Mattermost.
— Andrei Polazau, director of global IT at Wargaming