We are releasing Mattermost version 3.7.3 for Team Edition (TE) and Enterprise Edition (EE).

It includes a high severity security fix and upgrading is recommended. Per the Mattermost Responsible Disclosure Policy, details will be posted on our security updates page 14 days after release.

This version also resolves a bug with telemetry data collection in the Mattermost 3.7 release.

More about Mattermost:

Install or Upgrade Mattermost

Install a new instance of Mattermost with instructions from our download page. Check out our upgrade guide for guidance on updating to the latest version.

Enterprise Edition

Mattermost Enterprise Edition E10 and E20 are commercial versions of Mattermost designed for large organizations backed by commercial support from Mattermost, Inc. and available by subscription. See the feature list for more detail.

Looking for help on install and upgrade? A subscription also entitles you to upgrade and installation help from Mattermost, Inc.

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