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Maintain Control of Company Data

Keep your vital information inside your enterprise. Offer users a fast, easy and secure way to communicate that’s compliant with your policies.

Reduce Risk

Avoid the risks of loss and breach from public clouds and third party providers. Keep your data within your enterprise under your security and IT policies, with comprehensive auditing and backup.

Lower Costs

Reduce compliance and management costs when you simplify internal communication using a modern platform across PCs and phones. Mattermost runs on commodity hardware compatible with your existing data center standards to keep costs low.

Stay Compliant

Connect a continuous record of all communications with your in-house compliance systems. Every message and file ever entered is written to a database under your control, along with complete logs of user edits. Create automated solutions to meet your in-house policies with complete access to system APIs.

Use Modern Encryption

Messages and files are automatically encrypted without needing user action. Mattermost deploys with modern AES-256 with 2048-bit RSA encryption techniques to keep your data safe, both in transit and at rest in your data center.

Centralize Administration

Administer and secure your deployment from a unified System Console. Manage users, delegate privileges, monitor usage, audit and revoke devices, and change permissions from a user-friendly, web-accessible interface.

Prevent Data Leaks

Track and manage information in and out of your communication system. Monitor account activity, revoke access from lost or stolen devices, always know what was accessed and when. Most importantly, give users a fast and easy way to share messages and files so they don’t use personal devices for communication.

Grow with Confidence

Mattermost is built on internet-scale technologies created by Google and Facebook to grow from teams to large enterprises while maintaining speed and performance. Scale your private cloud from small teams to tens of thousands of users using inexpensive, commodity hardware.

Run Reliably

For large scale or mission-critical deployments, high availability configuration allows you to operate smoothly through hardware and software failures and even conduct maintenance without downtime for end users.

Standardize Recovery

Since the Mattermost database and APIs are on your infrastructure you can apply your own backup and disaster recovery protocols to your internal communications data. For more peace-of-mind, optional encrypted, off-site backup services are available from

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