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Get Started with Mattermost

If your company hasn’t already deployed Mattermost, here’s how to start:

Evaluate a Demonstration Server

Click on the cloud platform of your choice to auto-deploy Mattermost there:

Run your server using an existing or new account on each platform. It’s the fastest way to start evaluating Mattermost for your needs. You can set it up in as little as 15 minutes.

Deploy Team Edition on Your Own Server

Download the open source (MIT license) Team Edition and set it up using the installation guide.

Get an Enterprise Edition Trial Key

Get a trial license key to activate all the Enterprise Edition features, including:

  • AD/LDAP single sign-on
  • Advanced compliance support
  • Multi-node and high-availability deployments
  • And more

Learn more here or contact us to discuss how Mattermost can bring modern communication to your whole company or department.