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Effective Onboarding

Welcome new hires with a smooth and effective on-boarding process, while saving time, money and frustration on maintaining the process.

Peer-to-peer Support

Uniting new hires in a Mattermost channel provides a searchable archive of relevant information, and a social group to lean on for support. From how to use the photocopier to Wifi instructions, your team saves time and cost letting new hires ask and answer their own questions.

Evergreen Reading Lists

Provide new hires up-to-date reading lists containing messages and conversations with tags like #new-hire-reading and #new-developer-setup. When new content seems appropriate for a new hire, any team members can add a tag so it’s added to the reading list.

History and Context

When you share conversations in Mattermost, they come embedded in surrounding conversations. That context lets new hires learn about the people involved in every topic, their views, and the history and evolution of every project and topic. That knowledge lets them make a bigger impact in less time.

On-Premises Safety Net

When new hires inevitably make sharing mistakes, those mistakes are safely contained within your infrastructure. Instead of emailing passwords and keys to a colleague over the public internet, that information is kept secure and encrypted and never leaves your firewall.

Social Circles

From sports teams to board games, your team can self-organize around interests. New hires and seasoned professionals can come together in social settings to build cross-team relationships that increase information flow and workplace satisfaction.

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