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The Mattermost roadmap shares the new benefits we hope to provide for users and subscribers in our monthly releases, as well as our long term product direction. The Mattermost roadmap is driven by user and subscriber priorities, and may change as those priorities change.

A full list of improvements added to the product, based on our roadmap, can be found in the changelog.

Mattermost 5.0 (June 16th, 2018)

  • Permissions Schemes
  • Increased character limit on posts
  • Combined Join/Leave messages
  • Plugin Intercept
  • APIv3 Deprecation

Beta Features (Currently Available)

To preview beta features, see the linked documentation for details.

Near Term Roadmap

  • Bot accounts
  • Improvements to Channel Sidebar
  • Team specific permission policies (Enterprise Edition)
  • Read-only “Announcement” channels (Enterprise Edition)
  • Ethical boundaries (Enterprise Edition)

Future Roadmap

  • Guest accounts (Enterprise Edition)
  • Control team and channel access based on LDAP groups (Enterprise Edition)
  • Support for multiple Active Directory/LDAP servers (Enterprise Edition)
  • Plug-in support for mobile app extensions
  • Kerberos single sign-on (Enterprise Edition)
  • Certificate-based authentication (Enterprise Edition)
  • Authentication through reverse proxy (Enterprise Edition)
  • Mobile DMZ server (Enterprise Edition)