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Removed and deprecated features for Mattermost

This page describes features that are removed from support for Mattermost, or will be removed in a future update (deprecated).

This provides early notice about future changes that might affect your use of Mattermost.

This information is subject to change with future releases, and might not include each deprecated feature.

Removed features by Mattermost version

Mattermost Server v4.0.0

  • System Console settings in Files > Images, including:
    • Image preview height and width
    • Profile picture height and width
    • Image thumbnail height and width
  • Font setting in Account Settings > Display
  • Teammate Name Display setting moved to the System Console

Mattermost Server v3.8.0

  • Old CLI tool (replaced by an upgraded CLI tool)
  • APIv3 endpoints:
    • “GET at /channels/more” (replaced by “/channels/more/{offset}/{limit}”)
    • “POST at /channels/update_last_viewed_at” (replaced by “/channels/view”)
    • “POST at /channels/set_last_viewed_at” (replaced by “/channels/view”)
    • “POST at /users/status/set_active_channel” (replaced by “/channels/view”)

Mattermost Server v3.7.0

  • “ServiceSettings: SegmentDeveloperKey” setting in config.json

Deprecated features (scheduled for removal in a future update)

  • Mattermost v4.7 Release, February 16th 2018:
    • The permanent query parameter of the DELETE `/teams/{team_id}` APIv4 endpoint for permanently deleting a team is scheduled for removal.
  • Mattermost v5.0 Release:
    • All API v3 endpoints removed. API v3 endpoints are no longer supported as of Mattermost v4.6 release on January 16th, 2018, and are replaced by API v4 endpoints which were released on July 16th, 2017. See to learn more.

Features considered for deprecation (unscheduled)

  • Latex markdown support