About Mattermost

Mattermost, Inc.

We’re a company created around the Mattermost open source communications platform.

Our mission is to enable teams and enterprises around the world to achieve what matters most to them through secure, modern communication. We build Mattermost as open source software for team communication and sell a commercial version for enterprises along with services and support.

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with a branch office in Toronto, Canada, our company serves customers via distributed organizations around the world.

About the Mattermost Logo

The Mattermost logo represents the four tools organizations need to achieve their highest priorities:

The Compass – Direction on where your organization needs to go
The Meter – Measures of organizational output
The Dial – Ability for every person to impact outcomes
The Clock – Timelines to get things done

See our branding guidelines for logo usage and placement.

Leadership Team

Ian Tien

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Ian Tien is CEO & Co-founder of Mattermost, and previously founded SpinPunch, Inc.’s indie video game business while in graduate school, growing the business to three title franchises. He was formerly VP Product at a movie streaming startup backed by Sequoia Capital, Warner Brothers and Sony Pictures. Before that, he ran product management for Microsoft’s SkyDrive and Windows Live Photos services, and was interim lead of Hotmail. Prior, he led engineering teams for Microsoft Office in its enterprise software business across SharePoint and Business Intelligence product lines. He holds several patents and is alumus of the University of Waterloo, where he worked at Trilogy Software during school, and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he served as teaching assistant for Andy Grove and Myron Scholes. Ian grew up in suburban Toronto and freelanced as an illustrator before college.

Corey Hulen

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Corey Hulen is CTO & Co-founder of Mattermost, and previously founded Tempo AI, a machine intelligence startup spun off from Stanford Research Institute, where he served as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence. Tempo AI raised $12.5M in financing, led by Sierra Ventures and Relay Ventures, and released a popular mobile smart calendaring application in 9 languages and 26 countries before being bought by Salesforce.com for Tempo’s industry-leading platform. Before then, Corey served as engineering manager and architect for Microsoft Office in its enterprise software business across SharePoint and Business Intelligence product lines. Prior he was an architect for VerticalNet, a publicly-traded enterprise software company providing supply chain management solutions for the Global 2000. Corey is an alumnus of California Polytechnic State University.


Y Combinator

Silicon Valley investors in leading business software infrastructure companies (AeroFS, PageDuty, Heroku, and Mixpanel) and open source companies (GitLab, Docker, and Meteor)

Stanford-StartX Fund

Created at Stanford University, the Stanford-StartX Fund invests in the institution’s top entrepreneurs.

Contact us

Mattermost, Inc.
530 Lytton Avenue, Suite 201,
Palo Alto, CA, 94301, USA