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Connect people, conversations and tools

Increase productivity by bringing the right people, the right discussions and the right tools into one place. Mattermost connects to hundreds of 3rd party applications and systems via:

  • Private cloud open source integrations from our directory below, including Jira, Jenkins, bots, clients, and so many other apps
  • Incoming and outgoing webhooks, supporting both markdown rendering and Slack’s webhook format
  • Language specific drivers, created by both core committers and the broader Mattermost open source community
  • RESTful APIs, documented in detail at
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) integration for simplifying administration
  • Public cloud connectors via Zapier integration with its 700+ app library

See our integrations overview to learn more. In addition, an advanced Developer Toolkit is under active development for supporting deep integrations and UI plug-ins.

Private Cloud Integrations (Open Source)

Open source integrations developed by the Mattermost community are available for download, customization and deployment to your private cloud or on-prem infrastructure.

Check out some of our most featured integrations to get started:

To be included in the integrations directory, please let us know about your work. We ask that integrations listed here are well-tested and include a README file with clear setup instructions.

Also, please consider tweeting to us at @MattermostHQ so we can share the news!

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can propose an integration in our feature idea forums. You can also find information on extending and integrating with the Mattermost server in our documentation.

Below is a list of other integrations made available by the community:

Public Cloud Integrations

Connect Mattermost with over 700 cloud-based applications using our Zapier integration.

Exert complete control over how your integrations look and feel with industry-standard markdown support to format text, embed images, and create headings and tables.