The Mattermost roadmap shares the new benefits we hope to provide for users and subscribers in our monthly releases, as well as our long term product direction. The Mattermost roadmap is driven by user and subscriber priorities, and may change as those priorities change.

A full list of improvements added to the product, based on our roadmap, can be found in the changelog.

Mattermost 3.7 (March 16th, 2017)

Enterprise Edition E20, E10 and Team Edition

  • Group messaging
  • Bulk import tool, for importing teams, channels and users
  • Beta version of React Native mobile apps
  • Beta version of improved APIs (API version 4)

Enterprise Edition E20

  • OneLogin SSO via SAML 2.0

Future releases

Global Enterprise

  • Multi-region high availability deployment

Enterprise Edition E20

  • Configurable data retention policy options
  • Kerberos single-sign-on
  • Certificate-based authentication
  • Authentication through reverse proxy
  • Mobile DMZ server
  • Elastic Search
  • Multi-party video & audio conferencing
  • Single-channel guest accounts

Enterprise Edition E20 and E10

  • Support for multiple Active Directory/LDAP servers
  • Additional permissions options

Enterprise Edition E20, E10 and Team Edition

  • Emoji reactions with emoji picker
  • 1-1 video and audio calling
  • Support for 3rd party video and audio calling solutions
  • Support for
  • Bot users
  • Pinned posts
  • Link previews
  • Multi-user direct messages
  • Plug-in support for 3rd party multi-person video/audio/screensharing solutions
  • Plug-in support for server, web app and mobile app extensions